The Ab Muscles Diagram Explained in a Easy to Understand Way

Below is an abdominal muscle diagram, you will see in this image that there are a number of ab muscles that go into the front core area.

The basic ab structure is made up of these muscles; rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis, tendinous abdominis and the internal and external obliques.

When it comes to getting a great six pack there are two of these ab muscle groups that stand out. They are the rectus abdominis and the external obliques.

As you can see in the abdominal muscle diagram below, the rectus abdoninis is the one responsible for that actual six pack look. Or what I like to call the little nubs that pop out.

The oblique muscles are responsible for that slim feel to the mid section, and if you are in great shape you can actually see them at the end of the rib cage. Here is the diagram.

abdominal muscle diagram

Just Working The Abs Won't Work

If you are interested in getting some serious six pack abs then you probably want to understand that just working out the ab muscles won't give you that desired look.

The abs are a soft part for many of us and they are often covered in a layer of fat that needs to go, before any of those rectus abdoninis can actually be seen.

My Recommendation for Getting a Slim Six Pack

If you are in my boat and are looking for an exercise based program to help you achieve great abs then you should check make sure you understand the 3 things that the majority of people get wrong when trying to get a six pack.

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There is another solution which I do often like to suggest, it takes a very nutritional and diet based approach to weight loss. I would suggest this program if you are not interested in actually working out hard to achieve a six pack.